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A Friend For Dragon

Dav Pilkey


I adore this one. I have to admit the cover was totally unappealing to me. It looked like it could have been one of those books your kid orders from one of the over-priced school catalogues ,which you could have bought at the discount store for two bucks and then still have been disappointed that you had wasted not so much the two bucks, but that you had wasted your precious time reading it. As it was, I got this copy from the second-hand shop and am now convinced that if it had been twenty dollars for its scrawny presentation, I would still be totally chuffed by it.

A dragon is lonely, is tricked into believing an apple is a sentient being, claims it as his best friend, takes it to the doctor when it doesn't speak, apple is eaten by a walrus, devastated dragon takes rotting apple core home, buries it, grieves tremendously, apple tree sprouts out of grave and cycle reignited. Sorry about the spoiler but *!@# it's a great little use of fifteen minutes with or without your kid.

Dave Pilkey is the guy behind the famous Captain Underpants. I haven't ever brought myself to delve into that series personally because a bald guy in underpants running around thinking he is a superhero isn't that appealing to me...but my older kid went through the whole series and loved them dearly when he was in the right age bracket. ANd now my younger one adores CP too. I have seen the film and skimmed through book one and sure, it is an early-mid primary school boy's dream book. No doubt, Pilkey knows how to entertain and on top of that he sounds like a really nice dude when I have read some background information.

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