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Kees Moerbeek

This one is such a winner with my younger kid that I fear I will be bullied into holding onto it until he has kids so he can pass it on.

There's no story: it's a pop-up book where you can mix and match the tops and bottoms of creature faces: a witch, troll, a wolf, a frog prince, a dragon. Their label is cut in half too, so you can make a pritch or a wonce. Basic kid control like a party trick. Moerbeek has made an animal one like this too.

Kees Moerbeek is a paper engineer extraordinaire. His repertoire is pretty impressive. Stephen King's horror The Girl who loved Tom Gordon became one of his pop-up books which is a tad different to his pop-up of Raggedy Ann. He's made adult commissioned works, such as one on a container terminal and has also made the largest pop-up book ever.

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