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Dorling Kindersley Publishing


Good old DK. You could wipe out whole non-fiction sections of libraries and just replace them with a DK treasure trove. As publishers, they by-pass any dryness found in information and present things you want to know simply, succinctly and in context of life relevance.


To my kids, The Clone Wars has total life relevance. DK does everything, from maps to dinosaurs to cooking to intergalactic wars. So the last needs multiple encyclopedias, of which this is one. 200 plus characters given profiles so easy to digest that even I, a Clone Wars periphery-watcher, is at home. Picture, name, title, stats, mini blurb, death sentence if needed. I'm sure the makers of Pokemon cards used DK as their internet research mentor.


Where to Buy: Anywhere. Anything by DK is worth buying. Seriously. Even if you aren't into whatever subject matter is on the cover, you will after flicking through. PS. They aren't paying me. PPS. DK, if you want to pay me, go ahead. Or send me a library of your books. I love you.

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