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Matt Dray

Ok, will admit right here that I looked up Matt Dray, the creator of this book, feeling that he already had my heart and I could go and live with him in his not too shabby beach shack with his mountain of crumbling stuffed toys. Who doesn't love a man who can see the essentiality of treating a toy as a living thing?

Apparently a true story: Dougal the Bear is discarded, thrown in the bin, trucked to the dump, rescued by the garbage dump guy and allowed to sit on the periphery of the dump while the men work...accumulating more stuffed friends until there are so many that the garbage dump guy takes them home to his tropical beach house and they live happily every after in the Ozzie sun.

In this day and age, when consumerism and getting the latest, newest, shiniest whatever prevails, this book rocks. In this day and age when we are all too busy to look sideways and see who may need help, this book rocks. In this day and age where me, me, me is the theme and community takes a shadowed back corner, this book rocks.

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