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Marjorie Weinemn Sharmat Illustrated by Edward Frascino

Cute story about a little boy at the zoo, wandering around, looking for his best friend, Gladys. His thoughts flick back and forth through memories, possibilities and emotions.

I will say straight out that I like this book a lot and my younger kid hates it. Whenever I try and read it with him he shuns it as if it is an annoyance. It may be because the pictures are too scratchy for his liking or it may be because he doesn't want to hear a story which is basically musings...he has hinted his irritation at both. When I was a little kid, I do remember not particularly liking scribbly drawings as they looked like a messy dinner with indescribable sauce you didn't want to eat.

But who cares what my kid likes I say when something is able to amuse me alone.
I like that it has a '70's feel [published in 1970] ; I like that the boy flicks back and forth between adoring his friend and feeling furious at her for not appearing quick enough; I like the scribbly cartoony drawings.

I also like the ancient feel of the name Gladys, which is probably why I bought the book in the first place. My granny had a cousin called Gladys in those days when girls were named Mildred, Ethel, Edna and Bertha...and Gladys.

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