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Author: Alice Low   Illustrator: Roy McKie


I love this summery, summer, sum, sumster book. It's warm, it's happy, it's sunshine on your face as you read. Two kids, in stripey tops just hanging about with their pooch in summer.


Roy McKie draws in a slap-dash-take-you-right-to-the-scene way, so you can almost hear the watermelon being crunched, the waves smashing and the bough of the tree groaning as the swing swings. Every page has a different scene that you want to be in to share the joy of summer with the kids and their dog. Nothing flash, nothing materialistic, all down to earth and simple. Alice Low writes a sing-song mantra about the summery exploits to accompany the brilliant pictures.


For some reason my copy of the book has a 'Sea Mills Infant School' stamped on the inside cover. I didn't steal it. Must have picked it up from a second-hand shop when living in Bristol...hope the primary-school kid isn't still paying off his/her library fine.


This is a cool book. If I had copious wall space, I'd pull the whole thing apart and frame it because you cannot but help feel chuff-happy looking at it.


Where to buy: Old classic, get the bookshop to order a few in, they'll sell them all no probs.

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