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Beatrix Potter

There are a few Beatrix Potter mini books that I read and think...What? Where'd the plot go? Is that an epilogue or is that part of the story? Where did that character come from and what have they got to do with the plot? Did she have an editor?
And then there are other times when I think....great traditional illustrations and great expose of a devious character.
The Tale of Samuel Whiskers had me thinking the other time thoughts.

A kitten goes missing, his mother searches for him, two rats catch him and prepare him as a pie, kitten is saved. It's dire adventure for a little book. I mean, a kitten is on the brink of being cooked after being lost and then kidnapped. To me and my child, it is pretty riveting.

If you are a traditionalist and have bought the whole series of the Beatrix Potter classics, you already have this one. If you are slightly not right in the head and have bought the whole series simply because you like the size of the books, as I have, you already have this one. If you are more discerning with your purchases and prefer to concentrate on the best of a series rather than all, this one is a good one to have.

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