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By Sara and Doug Anderson


Let's just start with the dedication blurb in this one:

In loving memory of Honey, our grandmother, who taught us all to dance and in whose world nobody was ever too big to dance, even Mrs Granger and her watermelon pickles.

Made me like the book before even reading. Made me want to have Honey as my granny too, although my maternal granny sounds pretty much on par.


Too Big to Dance is about a zebra who can't fit through the door at at the Crawdad County dance. Never-thee-stress though when one has an armadillo and a gator as friends. It's a simple high, low, high story. The rhyming is so so but the sentiment holds it together.


The cut-out-paper collage of the book is lovely. Almost makes you want to get out the coloured paper and a pair of scissors. The book itself looks like a colourful present and that is how we came upon it: a birthday present for one of my kids. Always a winner for me, a picture book present, for adult or child.


Where to buy: Groovy bookshop or online.

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