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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures, Various Illustrators

I'm not big on books that preach but if you are going to buy your child, or indeed your household, a book worth preaching from, this is it. I'd say it is an essential item for every primary school teacher as you could make multitudes of lessons out of it. It is an abridged, illustrated version of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Buy it if you want your kids to read in words what it is to be a decent human being...with the bonus of famous illustrators being whacked into one book.
Amnesty International put this book together with the support of the illustrators and a blurb by both John Boyne [The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas] and David Tennant [Dr Who].

It's mind-blowing that these rights were made nearly seventy years ago and Amnesty International is still fighting to have so many of them recognised and carried out. Australia's government might want to take a good hard look at Articles 14 and 15 and Lessac's illustration of a crammed boat. Occasionally I invest in a picture book simply to remind me of the bigger picture: this is one of those books.

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