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I live in Glebe, Sydney, with my two boys who make my heart beat happily. I've studied Fine Arts, English Literature and Education. I am a Sydney Uni and UNSW graduate and a CDU dropout :D. My favourite books are kids books although I do read a lot of grown up books too [adult books sounded wrong XD], my favourite movie/tv genre is sci-fi and historical and I can't cook but love eating. These things all influence my art.

Buy my paintings through:

This site :D


Panna at Winkel Galleries in Randwick [new location on Canberra St]

Buy my prints, cards and postcard books through this site.

I'm taking part in the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation art program this year: I'll be in the Spring 2023 exhibition. If you are in the area, check out what Randwick kids' hospital puts on their walls...there are all different artworks at different times on various levels. And if you want to buy a piece, the commission is obviously going to a place that couldn't deserve it more.

Thanks for checking out what I do. It really does make me happy when people like my work :D

You can contact me at



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