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Jane Stadermann's Work


By using this site, you signify your agreement to all terms and conditions contained or referenced herein.






This website is copyright of Jane Stadermann © 2023. All rights reserved. The content of this website is copyright of Jane Stadermann.



Jane Stadermann retains all copyright for the physical art, including reproduction rights, even when the physical art is transferred to the Purchaser. This is standard legal artist practice. Some original paintings are turned into prints by the artist.






If ordering directly from Jane Stadermann/ this website:

Get in touch by email. Discuss what you like. I will check availability of painting and delivery times. Emails are exchanged as confirmation. These days emails are binding contracts. Payment is made [Paypal preferred as this is the most secure payment form these days] and then painting is delivered to a Sydney address if ordering directly from this website. Your satisfaction is of prime importance to me. If you really do not like the painting upon delivery, I offer a full refund seeing you haven't seen the painting 'in the flesh' up until this point [this does not apply to commissions].

Delivery outside the Sydney area for a painting is extra. As the paintings are large, this can be a substantial cost [$100+] as postage is expensive and I also have to make the painting very secure in between hard board...check with sizes and Australia Post website for an idea of the extra cost or email me and I will give you an idea depending on the painting. If you arrange your own courier costs, obviously no delivery charge and I can drop to a Sydney address wrapped.


If purchasing from Panna at Winkel Galleries in Clovelly:

Sighting and payment in gallery with decision as final as in accordance to Panna Winkel's sales terms.



You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to order a painting. By accepting these Terms of Sale you are confirming to us that you are no less than eighteen years of age.

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